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Slowly Rising glassware collection by Tickle Quo

Slowly Rising glassware collection by Tongqi Lu for Tickle Quo

Dezeen Showroom: Chinese homeware brand Tickle Quo has launched the Slowly Rising collection of glassware, which features textured glass surfaces informed by the Japanese philosophy of wabi-sabi.

Designed by the brand founder Tongqi Lu, the Slowly Rising collection includes tumblers, wine glasses, a coffee cup with a metal saucer and a vase.

Slowly Rising glassware collection by Tickle Quo
The collection includes glass containers and a metal saucer

Informed by textures found in nature and wabi-sabi – an ancient Japanese philosophy that embraces the beauty of imperfections – the collection features a dappled surface made from blown glass.

"When holding the glass, you can feel the bumpy surface, just as if you were feeling soil falling through your fingers," said Tickle Quo.

Slowly Rising coffee cup and saucer by Tickle Quo
The glass has a distinctive textured surface

Available in two shades of green, the glass containers are paired with metal elements, including the stem on the wine glass, the handle on the coffee cup and the saucer.

Product: Slowly Rising
Designer: Tongqi Lu
Brand: Tickle Quo
Contact: [email protected]

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