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The exterior of a blue Rezvani Vengeance

Rezvani Motors unveils "world's most aggressive SUV"

Automotive company Rezvani Motors has launched a car with security features including electrified door handles and pepper spray-emitting wing mirrors that are more commonly found on military vehicles or in video games.

"The Rezvani Vengeance is the world's most aggressive and most capable three-row SUVs," said the Californian brand.

The Rezvani Vengeance outside
Rezvani Vengeance is a mid-size SUV

The 6,200-pound (2,812-kilogram) SUV has a chunky body with a "muscular" back end mounted on 35-inch pick-up style tyres suited to off-road driving.

It was designed by video games designer Milen Ivanov, who was tasked with creating a car that wouldn't look out of place in a science fiction video game.

The back of a Rezvani Motors SUV
The design is partly informed by cars in video games

"The concept behind Vengeance is to make a car that has a badass design, an element of security, and a car comes out of the world of dreams to be driven on the road every day," Rezvani Motors president Cynthia Karimi told Dezeen.

"In a world of SUVs, you look at the Rezvani Vengeance and you see all the muscular proportions and definitely feel this is a confident and very aggressive design," Karimi told Dezeen.

"The goal was to put a science fiction video game concept car in people's driveways," added Rezvani Motors chief executive officer Ferris Rezvani.

The front of a blue SUV by Rezvani Motors
It comes with an optional military package

Buyers can choose from twenty additional security features from the company's Bulletproof Military Package. Among the more unique aspects are electrified door handles and wing mirrors that can shoot pepper spray.

Meanwhile, electromagnetic pulse protection allows the car to automatically steer away from perceived danger and bulletproof glass is designed to protect it from explosions.

Owners will be able to purchase bulletproof vests, helmets and gas masks along with the car.

A grey SUV by Rezvani Motors
Features include electrified door handles

A 360-degree camera and a rearview camera mirror replace the car's rear window and offer blind-spot monitoring and collision alerts that interpret the proximity and likeliness of collisions, and automatically engage the brakes when required.

Inside, it has enough space for up to eight passengers. The options for customers include a three-seat bench upholstered with leather and an intercom system.

Although Rezvani Motors believes that the car will make its occupants feel safe, research has shown that SUVs are can cause severe injury to cyclists and pedestrians in crashes.

Karimi claims that the model is popular among "accomplished people" who require a secure car.

"Our audience is people who want to possess something, unique, love design, and want to drive a car that gives them peace of mind if they should ever need it," she said.

"Our client base currently consists of accomplished people, celebrities and people who need a security vehicle," Karimi continued.

The interior of the REzvani Vengeance
The interior can be customised with leather seats

Demand for SUVs and sports activity vehicles has risen rapidly in recent years. There were less than 50 million SUVs in 2010 and that figure has now risen to 280 million. SUVs accounted for a third of new cars in the EU in 2019.

The increase has not come without its problems. SUVs are a large contributor to the increase in global carbon emissions over the past decade.

Last year, the fuel saved by the rise of electric vehicles around the world was cancelled out by the use of SUVs, according to the International Energy Agency.

The rear of a Rezvani Motors car
A 360-degree camera replaces the rear window

The mid-size SUV is the company's third SUV, following the Tank and the Hercules 6x6.

The release of the Rezvani Vengeance was met with criticism including The Guardian newspaper's architecture and design critic Oliver Wainwright who described it as a "weaponised SUV set to terrify America's streets".

Rezvani Motors is not the only company to release an SUV with an aggressive appearance. Others include Tesla's Model Y, an electric car designed to feel like a sportscar and Chinese startup Byton's concept car, a self-driving SUV that it describes as the "next generation smart device".

The images are courtesy of Rezvani Motors.