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Photo of a desktop with a monitor, laptop and accessories supported on the Hexcal Studio desktop management system, lit by the soft glow of an indirect light

Hexcal Studio desktop organiser by Hexcal

Dezeen Showroom: American company Hexcal aimed to create the ultimate workspace accessory with Hexcal Studio – a monitor stand and desktop organiser that reduces clutter, hides wires and introduces shadowless lighting.

Hexcal Studio is intended to create a serene workspace where wires are hidden and multiple screens are supported, in order to support more productive and creative work.

Photo of the back of the Hexcal Studio desktop management system showing multiple sockets
The Hexcal Studio desktop management system supports up to 14 electronic devices

Its power distribution system supports up to 14 devices — including those on AC, DC and wireless power — and its patented cable management system promises a completely clean workspace.

It also includes an integrated shadowless light to reduce the eye strain associated with direct lights and screen glare, while its steel and aluminium unibody design is built for durability.

Photo of a home workspace with three screens arranged around the Hexcal Studio desktop management platform, along with accessories like a keyboard and hard drives
The product incorporates a patented cable management system to declutter the workspace

Hexcal was founded by engineers at the Department of Computing at Imperial College, London and aims to "bring the best out of people" with the Hexcal Studio.

"Hexcal Studio is designed to make work effortless and enjoyable, to help everyone seek their life values," said the brand.

Product: Hexcal Studio
Brand: Hexcal
Contact: [email protected]

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