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Antipodes Mexico City

Pilar Zeta and Andrés Monnier create contrasting stone installations at Galerie Philia

Argentinian artist Pilar Zeta and Mexican sculptor Andrés Monnier have created the Antipodes exhibition at Galerie Philia that began during Mexico City's art week.

The works by Zeta and Monnier are set in a concrete-walled space in the Mexican capital, launched during Mexico City's Zona Maco art festival.

Stone collumns on gravel floor
Pilar Zeta designed an installation called Doors of Perception for Antipodes at Galerie Philia Mexico

The name Antipodes comes from the contrast between the two artists' work, which is linked by the common use of rock, yet differs in form and subject matter.

It includes two primary installations accented by a number of smaller works by each designer.

Stone forms by Pilar Zeta
Doors of Perception features geometric stone forms

"In nature, stones can be found in many formats, from delicate textures to a raw and brutalist surface," said the gallery.

"Just as the contrast between the Argentinian artist Pilar Zeta and the Mexican sculptor Andrés Monnier."

Black stone stacked installation
Andrés Monnier's primary installation is called Pyrus

Zeta's installation, called Doors of Perception, is a monumental set of receding columns and arches set on top of a smooth checkered walkway. The whole installation is set upon a gravel surface brought into the exhibition space.

Under the arches are sets of pedestals that hold stacked geometric forms, mostly of metal, with a few stainless steel elements interspersed.

Mirror inside metal arch
Monnier's mirror was placed inside a metal arch

"Pilar's sublime installation is composed with smooth textures oriented to human perfection: divinity," said the gallery.

"A tribute to an ethereal and non-tangible space as her thoughts, represented and created on a digital world but materialized by rock."

Stone arches at Galerie Philia
The two designers used stone in strikingly different ways

The archways were based on the subconscious and the various "doors" symbolize the different "levels of perception" and are supposed to connect viewers with a "higher self" by acting as a "gateway to infinity and new realities"

Monnier's contribution, on the other hand, takes a more organic approach.

Called Pyrus, the work features a pyramidal form comprising a series of stark black blocks that emit flames from holes bored into the top, signalling a more natural tone where "there’s no space for perfection".

Pilar Zeta furniture
The exhibition included Zeta's first-ever collection of furniture

Using rock, fire and metal to craft forms, the sculptor was inspired by Mesoamerican architecture.

The work references an ancient past and is meant to highlight "forgotten links and burnt roots we have with human ancestors".

Presented alongside the installations is the first series of furniture pieces presented by Zeta, which feature similar colours and geometric elements as the Doors of Perception.

Also included in the exhibition are other standalone pieces by Monnier, including Consciousness, a candle holder made out of stone that is suspended above another piece of stone; as well as a series of chairs and coffee tables, also made from stone.

His Narciso Uno mirror, a shard-shaped piece of glass supported at the base by a triangular stone, was also set on a mound of sand and framed by an arch-shaped steel lattice covered with candles.

stone stools and coffee tables
Monnier contributed a series of stone stools and coffee tables

Galerie Philia Mexico is led by curators Alban Roger and Jorge Brown who worked alongside the event company House of Kirschner for the exhibition.

The Mexican extension of the gallery, which has locations in Switzerland, the United States and Singapore, was founded in early 2022. Antipodes is a result of the first artist residency held at the location.

The photography is by Maison Mouton Noir, courtesy of Galerie Philia

Antipodes is on show from 9 February until April in Mexico City. See our Dezeen Events Guide for information about other architecture and design exhibitions, installations and talks.

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Antipodes mexico City
Antipodes Mexico City
Antipodes Mexico City
Antipodes mexico city