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Contemporary Wallpaper 2023 by Wall&decò

Contemporary Wallpaper 2023 collection by Wall&decò

Dezeen Showroom: wallpaper brand Wall&decò has released its 2023 collection of patterned wallpaper, which continues the brand's focus on large-format prints and materiality.

Presented across three "mood boards" that group recurring themes and aesthetics, Wall&decò's Contemporary Wallpaper 2023 collection spans 71 original graphic designs.

Contemporary Wallpaper 2023 by Wall&decò
The Wall&decò 2023 collection includes the Cave design with its blown-up tree bark textures

The collection includes Cave by Maria Gomez Garcia, a pattern based on wood barks that was designed to create comforting and peaceful interiors.

Cave is part of the Cocoon mood board, which brings together designs with a focus on craft and materials and an overall sense of creating an inviting, oasis-like domestic space.

Contemporary Wallpaper 2023 by Wall&decò
The Cubic design focuses on the interplay of transparency and geometry

Informed by coloured resin, design duo Draga & Aurel created an interplay of geometry and transparency with a three-dimensional effect in its Cubic wallpaper design, which forms part of the Post-Metaverse mood board.

There is also Studio Salaris's Valmont pattern, which aims to create a modern fresco with its painterly curvilinear elements and is part of the Virtual Aesthetics mood board of bright, optimistic designs.

Product: Contemporary Wallpaper 2023
Brand: Wall&decò
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