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Moon light by Thomas Bernstrand for Abstracta

Moon light by Thomas Bernstrand for Abstracta

Dezeen Showroom: Swedish designer Thomas Bernstrand has created the Moon lamp for office brand Abstracta, combining direct light and acoustic properties in a generous suspended globe.

Moon has a celestial shape that references the moon, and is well suited to settings such as restaurants, lobbies and co-working spaces.

Moon light by Thomas Bernstrand for Abstracta
The Moon light can be hung solo or in multiples

"By combining two classic lamp shapes – a globe and a cone hidden within the globe – I was able to create a spherical lamp that offers directed light," said Bernstrand.

The lamp also has sound-dampening properties that come from both the air-filled cavity and the double layer of different felts blanketing the sphere.

Moon light by Thomas Bernstrand for Abstracta
The felt sphere has sound-dampening properties

The felt — partly made from recycled plastic bottles — is available in light grey, dark grey, beige or dark blue, with a matching or contrasting textile cable.

DALI compatible and lighting temperature adjustable, Moon can be hung in clusters, rows or as a single light fixture.

Product: Moon
Designer: Thomas Bernstrand
Brand: Abstracta
Contact: [email protected]

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