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Fogia lounge chair and sofa in cream

Barba lounge chair and sofa by Fogia and Andreas Engesvik

Showroom: Swedish furniture design brand Fogia has expanded its Barba series of rounded furniture in collaboration with Norwegian designer Andreas Engesvik, which aim to create a warm and inviting atmosphere.

The Barba furniture collection was launched in 2019 with an armchair and a sofa, and has grown to include a lounge chair and a larger sofa called Barba Lounge.

Photograph of a white armchair designed by Fogia in a living room
The new additions to the Barba series consist of a lounge chair and sofa

The collection is informed by the French word for candyfloss and is characterised by its organic shapes that aim to create "softness and comfort", according to Fogia.

"Barba Lounge adds warmth, a sophisticated ease, and a stylish statement to any space," said Fogia.

Photograph of a white sofa designed by Fogia in a living room
The shapes of Barba series intend to enhance its linear flow

The Barba Lounge armchair and sofa are handmade in Fogia's factory, and are available in either fabric or leather.

Both pieces' frames are made from beech wood and foam that is partly recyclable.

Product: Barba Lounge
Designer: Andreas Engesvik
Brand: Fogia
Contact: [email protected]

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