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Tripot stool by Fogia in collaboration with Inga Sempé

Showroom: Swedish furniture brand Fogia has designed a wooden stool in collaboration with French designer Inga Sempé, which features a triangular seat, three legs and curved crossbar.

Called Tripot, the family of stools come in three different heights and are designed to suit a diverse range of interiors, from domestic to hospitality contexts.

Photograph of four wooden Tripot stools designed by Fogia and Inga Sempé
Swedish furniture company Fogia has designed the Tripot stool with French designer Inga Sempé

The chairs come in the choice of two types of wood – natural ash and black lacquer.

"Tripot has a strong personality, with its three legs and triangular seat, and it lights up any context with its charismatic nature," said Fogia.

Photograph of a dining table next to a wooden Tripot stool designed by Fogia and Inga Sempé
The stool consists of three legs, a triangular seat and a curved crossbar

According to Fogia, the Tripot stools "are made with great attention to detail" and intend to highlight its construction process.

Manufactured in Italy using traditional woodworking techniques, Tripot is a lightweight seat that features a contrast between refined and playful shapes.

Product: Tripot
Inga Sampé
Brand: Fogia
Contact: [email protected]

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