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Two blue Neotenic lamps by Jumbo NYC for Petite Friture posed around a matching blue table and chairs

Blue Neotenic lamp by Jumbo for Petite Friture

Dezeen Showroom: French design brand Petite Friture has released a new cobalt blue colour for its Neotenic table lamp, emphasising its distinctive wiggly silhouette designed by American studio Jumbo.

With its hand-blown glass shade, Neotenic was designed by Jumbo founders Justin Donnelly and Monling Lee to "echo the comfort of childhood memories".

Squiggly table lamp by Petite Friture
Petite Friture has released a cobalt-blue version of its Neotenic lamp

"The designer's intention with this collection was to trigger emotion and create a physical bond between the object and its holder," Petite Friture said.

Its sinuous body is handmade in Portugal using a six-part mould and counter-gravitational dying process, before being powder-coated in either a shiny, smooth or matt finish.

Two blue Neotenic lamps by Jumbo NYC
The design is available in two sizes

Neontenic's extended colour range now includes not just vanilla, vermilion and cherry but also the newly added matt blue, reminiscent of the signature ultramarine shade developed by French artist Yves Klein.

The design is also available in two different sizes – a "petit" 26-centimetre version and a huge version that stands half a metre tall.

Product: Neotenic lamp in blue
Designer: Jumbo
Brand: Petite Friture
Contact: [email protected]

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