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FGMF wraps São Paulo skyscraper around "internal semi-public square"

Local architecture studio FGMF Arquitetos has created a multi-use skyscraper in São Paulo named POD Pinheiros that includes an open-air central atrium.

The 24-storey tower was constructed in the city's Pinheiros district as housing that simultaneously creates vertical public space containing shops.

POD Pinherios with multi-shaped facade
FGMF designed a mix-used tower in São Paulo

It consists of eight storeys of retail, balconies and walkways arranged around an open-air atrium accessed from the street. A residential tower sits on top of the atrium.

"The base's volume, with its green balconies, open footbridges, big openings and its horizontal proportions are part of the urban landscape, for everyone that passes by the building," said FGMF. "Therefore, the first part of the building is designed as an element in the pedestrian scale, as an urban design, not like an isolated element out of its context."

Concrete collumns and walkways
FGMF designed POD to expand the public space of the neighbourhood.

From the exterior, the building employs diverse colours and shapes on the facade, highlighting the different programs and uses with boxy volumes that jut out towards the street.

The atrium is accessed via the street, where a series of monumental concrete pillars frame a break in the facade that connects the street-side plaza with the internal one.

In the atrium, red paint contrasts with concrete to emphasise the height and depth of the space.

Concrete walkways and seats in POD Pinheiros
The central atrium has eight storeys of open-air balconies and walkways

Concrete balconies, pillars and walkways connect the space, which is open at the top and has large open areas in the walls that look out over the city.

The eighth floor is a leisure and amenities space that acts as a separator between the retail and residential programs of the tower.

Red and concrete atrium
Red paint contrasts with raw concrete in the atrium

A variety of planters have been installed in the internal and external balconies.

"The location and land's format influenced the POD volumetry, which rises from a big internal void of unusual and interesting proportions, the bright red courtyard," said the studio.

"The tower rises with a variety of green balconies made out of lines and boxes, bringing, all the way up, a new contribution to the urban landscape."

Walkway over atrium in Sao Paulo
The eighth floor separates the residential tower from the semi-public atrium

The residential aspect of the building is clad in a darker material and has grey and white balconies and window boxes.

It consists of 127 apartments, including six duplexes. At the top level is a pool and lounge space for guests.

Developed by Nortis Incorporadora, POD was completed last year as part of the city's redevelopment master plan.

FGMF consists of Fernando Forte, Lourenço Gimenes and Rodrigo Marcondes Ferraz and is based in São Paulo. The studio has often utilized stacked forms for its project, like in a house on a sloping site in the city's suburbs.

Residential tower ammenities
Amenities spaces are spread throughout the residential tower

Recently, São Paulo has seen a number of design and architecture projects that attempt to rejuvenate parts of the city, the most populous in the Americas. These include the recent completion of its tallest skyscraper as part of a development in the eastern region.

The photography is by Fran Parente

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