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Photo of a Duomo Piccolo pendant light

Duomo Piccolo lighting collection by Nightworks

Dezeen Showroom: lighting company Nightworks Studio has created a dome-shaped lighting collection that was informed by the traditional domed churches of Italy.

The collection, which is titled Duomo Piccolo, includes a wall sconce, a stem wall light and a pendant light.

Duomo Piccolo pictured by a bedside
The collection was informed by Italian churches

Each of the lights is available in a number of different solid brass finishes, including natural brass, whiskey brass and midnight brass.

The shape was designed to have a timeless look that can provide interiors and outdoor settings with what the brand describes as a "stylish" and "versatile" addition to rooms.

Duomo Piccolo in a bathroom
The lighting collection is made from solid brass

The collection has an IP65 rating, which means the lights can be added to bathrooms, kitchens and external areas.

Product: Duomo Piccolo
Brand: Nightworks Studio
Contact: [email protected]

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Duomo Piccolo by Nightworks
Duomo Piccolo by Nightworks
Duomo Piccolo by Nightworks