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Pavilion H by Kettal

Pavilion H outdoor seating area by Kettal

Dezeen Showroom: Spanish brand Kettal has released an aluminium-framed, slatted structure, which can be placed in a garden to provide a comfortable, indoor-outdoor seating area. 

Available in various sizes within a "simple or double format", Pavilion H is a pavilion-style structure coated in epoxy powder paint.

Pavilion H by Kettal
Pavilion H is designed to be placed outside

The piece is made up of an aluminium frame that supports side panels, which can be finished in a range of materials depending on the occupants' preferences, from vertical side wood slats and sheer curtains to grid planters.

Sliding doors are designed to be left open to connect the interior space with a surrounding garden, while a selection of ceiling materials are also available, including both waterproof and non-waterproof options.

Indoor-outdoor living space
The structure is an indoor-outdoor living space

Lighting can also be installed in Pavilion H to create a fully-functioning, sheltered seating area, as well as a TV mount and power outlets.

Depending on the chosen size and format, Pavilion H can be fitted with a dining table and chairs, and a softer seating area where occupants can relax and overlook their garden.

Product: Pavilion H
Brand: Kettal
Contact: [email protected]

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Pavilion H by Kettal
Pavilion H by Kettal
Pavilion H by Kettal
Pavilion H by Kettal