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Citron lamp by Tongqi Lu

Citron lamp by Tongqi Lu Design

Dezeen Showroom: Shanghai-based studio Tongqi Lu Design has launched Citron, a mood lamp that resembles a lemon.

Citron by Tongqi Lu Design is intended to evoke the soothing image of "a piece of citrus fruit falling to earth".

Citron lamp
The lamp is modelled on a lemon that has fallen to earth

The glass lampshade is cast in wax, giving it a gently bumped texture reminiscent of lemon peel.

When switched off, the lamp is translucent, reflecting light in the room. When switched on, it has a warm, incandescent glow.

It sits on a metal plate, whose stark durability contrasts with the shade's organic form.

Citron lamp by Tongqi Lu
A shiny metal plate holds the glass lampshade

The plate is curved, meaning its shiny surface captures and reflects the glow from the light.

Citron was created during the coronavirus pandemic by Tongqi, who is also the founder of homeware brand Tickle Quo.

Product: Citron
Designer: Tongqi Lu
Brand: Tongqi Lu Design
Contact: [email protected]

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Citron lamp by Tongqi Lu Design