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Tegel rug by David Chipperfield for Kasthall

Tegel rugs by David Chipperfield for Kasthall

Dezeen Showroom: Swedish brand Kasthall is launching the earthy Tegel rug collection, which it has designed in collaboration with British architect David Chipperfield.

The Tegel rugs have dusky colour palettes, which Pritzker Prize-winner Chipperfield has modelled on the weathered brick facades of the historic buildings that house the Kasthall headquarters and factory.

Earthy green Tegel rug by David Chipperfield for Kasthall
Kasthall is launching the Tegel rug collection by David Chipperfield

Set to launch during the upcoming Milan design week, the collection comprises three different rug designs named Corner, Side and Centre. Each one is available in seven different colourways.

They are all crafted from wool, which "gives depth, warmth, and volume", as well as linen that "adds a discrete and vibrant note to the overall texture", said Kasthall.

Concrete interior with Tegal rug by Kasthall
The rugs are made with earthy tones

"Tegel is the result of a collaboration founded on principles of quality, passion, innovation, and creativity," Kasthall explained.

"Kasthall is renowned for its expertise in creating high-quality rugs that blend traditional Swedish craftsmanship with modern design aesthetics. David Chipperfield is a well-known architectural firm with a portfolio of iconic designs that are both functional and visually stunning."

David Chipperfield-designed Tegel rug by David Chipperfield for Kasthall
There are three styles of rugs made in a variety of colours

"Together we’ve achieved an artistic and creative feat rooted in Kasthall, yet versatile and exciting design that appeals to a multitude of tastes and uses," concluded Kasthall design director Lena Jiseborn.

"We have created a rug that is not only beautiful but also functional and sustainable. We are confident that this rug will be a hit with design enthusiasts and homeowners alike."

Product: Tegel
Designer: David Chipperfield
Brand: Kasthall
Contact: [email protected]

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Tegel rug by David Chipperfield for Kasthall
Tegel rug by David Chipperfield for Kasthall
Tegel rug by David Chipperfield for Kasthall