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Grey, cream and red geometric carpet tiles by Bolon

Bolon Studio flooring by Bolon

Dezeen Showroom: Swedish design brand Bolon has launched a range of woven flooring named Bolon Studio, which is designed to have a playful appearance and can be personalised by users.

The Bolon Studio collection is available in nine geometric shapes that can be mixed and matched, including hexagons, diamonds, triangles, chevrons, rectangles, and a number of curved shapes.

Orange and grey carpet tiles with a blue chair and curtains
Bolon Studio is available in different shapes and colours

Bolon describes the collection as "a designer's tool with endless possibilities for hyper-personalised flooring".

"Simple shapes at first glance, but when put together, these curated tiles build mind-blowing immersive expressions by mixing and matching textures and colours from the Bolon collections," said the brand.

Curving green carpet tiles by Bolon
The collection includes curved shapes

According to Bolon, the woven flooring is made in Sweden using renewable energy and is partly made from recycled materials.

Bolon Studio flooring is available in a range of different colours and is also available in made-to-order sizes.

Product: Bolon Studio
Brand: Bolon
Contact: [email protected]

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Grey and black hexagon carpet tiles by Bolon with a reed lounge chair and side table