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Photo of a plaster wall surface behind a dining table and chairs

3D Wall Plaster by Atlas Concorde

Dezeen Showroom: Italian ceramics company Atlas Concorde has created the 3D Wall Plaster collection of surfaces informed by ancient architectural techniques.

The collection includes five surfaces named Origami, Bloom, Jasmine, Combed and Barcode.

Photo of a wall surface by Atlas Concorde in a bathroom
Atlas Concorde has designed five handmade wall surfaces informed by artisanal plaster-making techniques

The three-dimensional wall surfaces each have a different decorative pattern and are all presented in the same shade of white, offering a contemporary reinterpretation of a traditional product.

The surfaces are informed by artisanal techniques of traditional plasterwork, which the brand claims is "a fundamental element in art and architecture".

Photo of a textured wall surface
Each wall surface forms a different pattern, informed by botanicals, traditional crafts and geometry

Each surface is handmade from plaster using a range of tools, including chisels, brushes, trowels and combs.

The Origami surface features a mosaic-style pattern inspired by folded paper, created using a trowel on plaster. Bloom and Jasmine feature botanical patterns, with the Bloom surface made using a brush and Jasmine by incisions into the plaster.

The ridged texture on the Combed plaster surface was designed by Atlas Concorde using a comb and the geometric patterns in Barcode using a chisel.

Product: 3D Wall Plaster
Brand: Atlas Concorde
Contact: [email protected]

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Photo of a wall surface by Atlas Concorde
Photo of a wall surface by Atlas Concorde in a dining room
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