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Schumacher said he felt "empowered" by the technology

"Do they really need AI to come up with 'Zaha' designs?" asks commenter

In this week's comments update, readers discussed news that ZHA is developing "most" projects using AI-generated images, according to Patrik Schumacher.

Zaha Hadid Architects (ZHA) is using AI text-to-image generators like DALL-E 2 and Midjourney to come up with design ideas for projects, studio principal Patrik Schumacher has revealed. Dezeen readers reacted in the comments section.

Zaha Hadid images created using DALL-E 2
ZHA developing "most" projects using AI-generated images says Patrik Schumacher

"Does it say more about the AI or the designers?"

Ash Lane thought it "makes sense, when I put words into AI visual generators I also get Zahaesque buildings".

"I do think this works better for a firm with such a defined aesthetic like ZHA, so that the AI has enough reference projects to build cohesive new designs off," commented Prado Sellinder.

However, Rodrigo Galván-Duque questioned "do they really need AI to come up with 'Zaha' designs? Didn't seem to be a problem in the past".

Others were more critical, with Gilbert Brown finding it "interesting when your design style is so predictable, that a soulless, non-rational, unconscious AI algorithm can generate new and better designs than you. Does it say more about the AI or the designers?"

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Studio Gang completes the Gilder Center for the American Museum of Natural History

"A new organic architecture"

Chicago-based architecture firm Studio Gang has completed the long-awaited Gilder Center in Manhattan, featuring a shotcrete cavernous atrium. Readers critically appraised the project.

Dr Bird exclaimed "Zaha Hadid imitation?!"

Puzzello found the spaces "pretty extraordinary with a bit of MADness. A beautifully crafted building" and pa varreon agreed: "interesting sort of a new organic architecture. A digestive one, good appetite."

"Undignified and awful. Context be damned," commented Trewus from the other side of the debate.

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Yasmeen Lari RIBA Gold Medal winner 2023
"We cannot design just to please our clients anymore" says Yasmeen Lari

"There's not much architects can do"

Commenters reacted to the idea that architects must stop waiting for commissions from wealthy clients and prioritise designing for the planet, as 2023 RIBA Royal Gold Medal winner Yasmeen Lari told Dezeen in this exclusive interview.

Jacopo was "not sure why architects feel the need to preach to other architects – I don't appreciate being grouped and generalized as 'lazy'."

But Kasimir thinks "Lari is spot on with every word she says here, but it's easier to find a thousand excuses than taking even just one step into the right direction."

"There's not much architects can do, unless they themselves fund the projects," commented a less than optimistic Kem Roolhaas.

However, Franc Lea was less despondent, saying that Lari is "clearly thinking deeply about the profession and how best to serve it and hope to steer it."

"How do we improve things without discussing what needs to be better?" they asked.

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Minimalist living room inside House by the Sea by Of Architecture
Of Architecture builds beachside home for surfer-and-artist couple in Cornwall

"Avoids the usual cliches that go with modernist seaside design"

Readers were enamoured with London practice Of Architecture's use of fuss-free colour and material palette to create an understated home in Newquay, Cornwall.

"This is a splendid building in a spectacular location. The plan works well and the architects have avoided the usual cliches that seem to go with modernist seaside design," said Guy Hains.

JZ also celebrated the project, commenting that "the non-preciousness of it all is the most appealing quality. Very easy to let your hair down here."

"Great seaside studio home for artists. It looks like good value for money too," chipped in Alfred Hitchcock.

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