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Boyy flagship in Milan reveals layers of the store's history

Danish artist Thomas Poulsen, also known as FOS, has revamped the flagship store of accessories brand Boyy in Milan, keeping time-worn surfaces left over from the site's former fit-outs.

This marks the third time that FOS has refreshed the space on Via Bagutta since 2021, as part of the artist's plan to create a dynamic "evolving" store.

Interior of Boyy flagship store in Milan designed by FOS
FOS has redesigned Boyy's flagship in Milan

In its first incarnation, the Boyy flagship had funhouse-style mirrors, walls draped in faded pink fabric and cobalt-blue carpets emblazoned with everyday objects.

This colour scheme was inverted for the second iteration of the store featuring blue walls and bubblegum-pink carpet. Elements of both of these schemes now remain in the store's third and final form, which was left purposefully unfinished.

Interior of Boyy flagship store in Milan designed by FOS
Unpanelled sections of the wall reveal the store's past fit-outs

"This space was an experiment in formulating a shared language for how Boyy could develop as a brand," FOS explained.

"We started by creating an installation – the first rendition – then used that experience to create a second installation, and finally built upon the combined experience to create this final permanent space that we have now arrived at."

"We always envisioned the third rendition as the final act," added Boyy co-founder Jesse Dorsey.

Interior of Boyy flagship store in Milan designed by FOS
Accessories are displayed inside illuminated glass vitrines

The Boyy flagship now has walls panelled with the same grey ceppo stone that clads the store's facade.

Some areas were left without panelling, revealing the aged, fabric-lined walls left behind by a previous occupant – a 50-year-old antique shop that sold quaint Americana-style objects for the home.

Blue fabric can also be seen hanging in the rear corner, saved from FOS's second overhaul of the space.

These swathes of time-worn fabric were enclosed inside aluminium window frames, as were some of the store's display units.

Elsewhere, Boyy's selection of shoes and handbags can be showcased in several illuminated glass vitrines or on the ledge that runs around the periphery of the store.

Interior of Boyy flagship store in Milan designed by FOS
The store has been finished with terrazzo flooring

FOS also created a display shelf around a crumbling structural column that sits in the middle of the floor plan.

A couple of tiered, sea-green bench seats were dotted throughout the store as decoration, complementing the flecks of greens stone that are found in the terrazzo floor.

Interior of Boyy flagship store in Milan designed by FOS
Curved benches provide seating throughout the store

Milan is home to an abundance of visually striking retail spaces.

Others include the Moschino flagship, which was designed to reference the history of ancient Italy, and the Off-White store, which is decked out with natural materials like Patagonia granite.