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Bugatti skyscraper in Dubai

Bugatti unveils design for first residential skyscraper

Luxury car manufacturer Bugatti has revealed the designs for its first foray into residential real estate – a 42-storey skyscraper in Dubai that will have two garage-to-penthouse car lifts.

Developed in partnership with Dubai-developer Binghatti, the Bugatti Residences will be the first residential building branded with the car manufacturer's name.

Bugatti is the latest luxury car brand to move into residential property, with Bentley creating a 61-storey skyscraper in Miami Beach and Aston Martin designing an angular black home in New York as part of its Automotive Galleries and Lairs service, which launched in 2019.

Bugatti skyscraper in Dubai
The Bugatti Residences will be the brand's first residential development

Set to be built in the Business Bay area of Dubai, the 42-storey skyscraper will have a sinuous form wrapped in balconies on every level.

It will have 171 apartments, referred to by the developer as Riviera Mansions, and 11 penthouses dubbed Sky Mansion Penthouses.

According to the developer, the building's form and its interiors draw upon the heritage of the luxury car brand, which was established in 1909.

"Riviera-inspired beach" at Dubai skyscraper
It will include a "riviera-inspired beach".

"Known for their unwavering and uncompromising commitment towards excellence, Bugatti and Binghatti – two visionary brands – have unveiled their first collaboration: a ground-breaking real estate development in the heart of Dubai," said Bugatti.

"The collaboration between the two revered brands aims to depict synergies that achieve unparalleled excellence. Drawing upon the rich and diverse creative heritage of both brands, the Bugatti and Binghatti collaboration project has at its nucleus a meticulously designed structure featuring a distinctive facade complemented by intricately designed interiors."

Skyscraper topped with pools
It will be topped with a series of pools

Each of the apartments in the skyscraper will have a unique shape with access to a curved balcony, while the building will be topped with a pool.

The penthouses will be served by a pair of garage-to-penthouse car lifts, which will allow the owners to drive their vehicles directly into these apartments. This mirrors Bentley's Miami skyscraper, which will have a car lift that allows residents to drive vehicles directly into apartments on all levels.

The development will also contain a private spa, a members club and a "riviera-inspired beach".

According to the brands, the aesthetic of the French Riviera will be incorporated throughout the design.

Bugatti skyscraper in Dubai
It will be the latest skyscraper built in Dubai

"The two brands have integrated the distinctive flair of the French Riviera into every aspect of the development. Starting from the very moment of setting foot within the residences, a sense of exuberance takes hold, transporting residents to the inspiring region that has long captured the hearts of connoisseurs of refined living," said Bugatti.

"In the same way that Bugatti has translated the beauty and sophistication of French luxury into the design of its hyper sports cars, Bugatti Residences brings the breeze and feel of the French Riviera into this private oasis," it continued.

"In its organically sculpted design, Bugatti Residences by Binghatti manifests the beauty of the Riviera's spirit and flair."

Skyscraper views in Dubai
Each apartment will have a unique form

Other recent projects in Dubai include a pair of Vertical Forest skyscrapers designed by Stefano Boeri Architetti and  an "Instagram-ready" footbridge is set to be built beside world's tallest structure.