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Rolls of Revolution fabric by Camira

Revolution fabric by Camira

Dezeen Showroom: textile manufacturer Camira has launched Revolution, a range of fabrics in 10 colours that are all made from waste wool.

The Revolution collection is created by stripping discarded wool back to its fibre form before blending with virgin wool and weaving it into fabric.

It is designed as a closed-loop textile product, meaning it can also be recycled indefinitely, which Camira said marks "a new era in wool textile".

Stack of Revolution fabric by Camira
The fabric collection is available in 10 colours

"Revolution is a powerful illustration of how lessons from the past can be used to innovate in the present, for the good of the future," said the brand's head of creative Lynn Kingdon.

"Revolution extends the lifespan of wool and enables this precious natural resource to be used all over again as fabric on furniture."

The fabric range is aimed specifically for use in commercial interiors and is available in 10 different colours, each created using the colours of the base waste-wool fibres.

Detail view of Revolution fabric
The textiles are made of recycled wool

"Each shade in the Revolution colour palette has been lovingly developed with the original colouration of the recycled woollen fibres as its base," said Kingdon.

"This innovative method of colour curation eliminates the concept of dyeing, reducing the use of harmful chemicals."

Product: Revolution
Brand: Camira
Contact: [email protected]

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