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Gandia Blasco Outdoor 2023 catalogue with Gan and Diabla

Gandia Blasco launches Outdoor 2023 catalogue with Gandiablasco, Gan and Diabla

Promotion: new furniture and accessories feature in the Outdoor 2023 catalogue by Gandia Blasco, which is presenting its collections together with those of younger subsidiaries Diabla and Gan for the first time.

The Outdoor 2023 catalogue unifies the three brands, which have separate characters but share values and an aesthetic grounding in the architectural language of the Mediterranean, according to Gandia Blasco.

Pink chair called Grapy
The catalogue features a number of new furniture designs. Image: Grapy by Gan

The new products are created by a number of designers, including Patricia Urquiola, Todd Bracher and Sebastian Herkner, Jose A. Gandia-Blasco, Francesco Meda & David Quincoces, Alejandra Gandia-Blasco, Paula Valentini and the brand Gensler.

Across 400 pages, the Spanish group explores its history and shares some of its standout residential and contract projects, with photography that attempts to show outdoor spaces in dialogue with their architecture, environment and interior design.

Photo of the Gandia Blasco Outdoor 2023 catalogue with Gan and Diabla open to the Tuba collection page
The Gandia Blasco group's catalogue brings together three outdoor brands for the first time

"Our purpose is to consolidate our positioning as a reference in the outdoor field by combining three very different and authentic but fully compatible styles," said Gandia Blasco vice-president, Álvaro Gandía-Blasco.

"Gandia Blasco Group collaborates with very talented designers who have been able to perfectly interpret the style of our brands and have helped us to evolve and improve in recent years. All this has contributed to the recognition and differentiation of the company."

Gandia Blasco was founded more than 80 years ago and remains a family business, now run by members of its second and third generations.

It started its primarily indoor brand Gan in the 1980s to develop home textiles, and Diabla in 2018 to take a more fresh and youthful approach to outdoor design.

The catalogue explores the brands through their shared history and standout projects. Image: Garden Layers by Gan

At the heart of the group remains the Gandia Blasco brand, which has the most architectural offerings among the brands and includes designs by Luca Nichetto as well as the Mass collection by Todd Bracher and Isla by Sebastian Herkner.

The brand is led by group president and creative director José A Gandía-Blasco Canales, who nurtures in it a strong aesthetic connection to the island of Ibiza and the broader Mediterranean vernacular.

"The Gandia Blasco collections, based on unique construction systems and a commitment to modularity, are characterised by their strong link with architecture and the creation of living spaces," said Gandía-Blasco Canales.

"In recent years we have included smaller collections with an important R&D component and other semi-industrial or handcrafted processes, such as the award-winning Buit by Mayice, Capa by Søren Rose, and the new R24 by Paula Valentini."

Photo of the Gandia Blasco Outdoor 2023 catalogue open to a page with big, bolg type reading Mass by Todd Bracher
New designs featured in the catalogue include the Mass collection by Todd Bracher

Gandia Blasco said it takes a more "casual and creative" approach to the design of its proposals for the now five-year-old brand Diabla, which is focused on experimentation and exploring new lifestyles.

Its previous collaborators include other young design studios like Mut Design, Teres Sapey and Made Studio, with new products in the 2023 catalogue coming from Odosdesign, Rocío Gambin, OiKo Design and Samuel Wilkinson.

"Diabla is born from the dozens of proposals received over the years, from the new ways of understanding the habitat, from the nomadic life marked by the new generations, which it interprets with an inspirational, jovial and casual attitude, without fear of colour," said Diabla creative director, Alejandra Gandía-Blasco.

Diabla's product's collection
The catalogue features new and existing product collections such as those by Diabla

Completing the trio of brands in the 2023 Outdoor catalogue is Gan Outdoor, the outdoor division of Gan focusing on rugs and textile-covered elements.

The brand is known for manufacturing in India, where it prides itself on working closely with artisans with the goal of renewing handmade ancestral techniques. Among the recent launches in the catalogue are designs by Patricia Urquiola, Charlotte Lancelot and Kensaku Oshiro.

"The innovation in design, materials and handcrafted manufacturing techniques that is part of Gan's DNA brings out its freshest, lightest, liveliest and most resistant side with Gan Outdoor, a line designed for the most multifunctional and inviting oases," said Gan creative director, Mapi Millet.

To learn more about the catalogue, visit the brand's website.

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