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Rook stool by Ross Gardam

Rook stool by Ross Gardam

Dezeen Showroom: Australian designer Ross Gardam looked to chess pieces for the design of the Rook stool, which is available in three types of solid wood.

Gardam aimed to reference the shapes of decorative wooden chess pieces with the Rook stool, which uses simple elements placed at unusual angles and intersections to create a sculptural effect.

Rook stool by Ross Gardam
The Rook stool references the shapes of chess pieces

Two carefully shaped planks of wood form the central post of the chair, nearly touching on one side and diverging on the other. Between them, a tubular black metal footrest is wedged, creating an interplay of forms.

The Rook stool is available in either solid walnut, white oak or blackened oak, and with the metal footrest and base plate powder coated in a textured black.

Rook stool by Ross Gardam
The footrest is wedged between diverging wooden elements

There is a choice of three different heights to suit different uses and the seat can also come with optional upholstery.

The Rook stool is produced by Gardam's studio and is made and assembled in Australia.

Product: Rook
Designer: Ross Gardam
Brand: Ross Gardam
Contact: [email protected]

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