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Giro rugs by MUT Design for Gan

Giro rugs by MUT Design for Gan

Dezeen Showroom: Spanish studio MUT Design has created a geometric rug collection for the brand Gan, which is informed by the patterns of a spirograph toy.

The Giro rug collection features two designs — one long and the other wide — with twisting, turning geometric patterns that Gan describes as delivering "a graphic game with a touch of Op-Art".

Giro rugs by MUT Design for Gan
The Giro rug design is inspired by spirograph patterns

"Giro, it's a bit like the Möbius strip; it's a simple shape that, when twisted, creates a sense of energy as well as rich and powerful visual effects," added MUT Design.

The rugs are hand-tufted in India using a process that requires a minimum of three days per product. A further three days are then required to carve out the precise curves in the rug line by line with scissors.

Giro rugs by MUT Design for Gan
The lines are cut into hand-tufted rugs

The result is a nuanced textile with a sensation of depth and volume that MUT Design says can bring a playful touch to serious interiors.

Giro is available in a choice of three bold colours: lilac, peach, or black and white.

Product: Giro
Designer: MUT Design
Brand: Gan
Contact: [email protected]

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