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Veggro collection by Interesting Times Gang and OBOS

Veggro collection by Interesting Times Gang and OBOS

Dezeen Showroom: design studio Interesting Times Gang has collaborated with cooperative homebuilder OBOS to produce Veggro, a range of partitions made from mycelium and orange peel.

Currently in the prototype stage, the Veggro partitions come in two designs: Loom and Jugoso.

Loom is made from mycelium and boasts a mushroom-inspired pattern, and Jugoso is made from orange rinds 3D-printed into a geometric pattern based on the fruit's vesicles.

Veggro collection by Interesting Times Gang and OBOS
The Loom partition features a mushroom-inspired design

Interesting Times Gang describes Veggro as a "biophilic interior design wall-as-furniture concept", with the panels also serving to provide acoustic insulation and a decorative element.

The panels are mounted on an ash wood frame and designed to be easily removed and replaced, should the interior need a fresh look.

Veggro collection by Interesting Times Gang and OBOS
The pattern on Jugoso is based on the inside of oranges

Veggro is the first product to come from the collaboration between Interesting Times Gang and OBOS, which have partnered to explore biomaterials that could decrease carbon emissions from house building.

A prototype of the product will be installed at OBOS's Living Lab in Oslo, where stakeholders in the building and construction industry are invited to view it in person.

Product: Veggro
Designer: Interesting Times Gang
Brand: OBOS
Contact: [email protected]

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