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Photograph showing ceramic lights in front of white wall

Ceramic Chandeliers by Naaya Studio

Dezeen Showroom: India-based lighting company Naaya Studio has released its new collection of pendant lights made from ceramics.

The Ceramic Chandeliers collection contains five pendant designs called Flight, Lightjar, Cibo, Lightdrops and Cage.

Ceramic Chandeliers by Naaya Studio
Lightjar pendants have smooth surfaces

The studio designed a simple and asymmetric shape for its Flight pendants to showcase its Edison-style LEDS.

The brand's Cage pendants also have visible light bulbs with a design informed by metal wire cages.

Ceramic Chandeliers by Naaya Studio
Cage pendants have cut-outs reminiscent of cages

Cibo pendants comes in seven different forms, which are informed by various pasta shapes. Lightdrops and Lightjar pendants have similarly organic shapes with rounded silhouettes and cut outs that cradle the bulb.

All of the lights in the collection can be used in isolation or in a cluster, creating a layered chandelier. Each design emits a warm glow and can be installed in a variety of interiors, including dining areas in homes, cafes and restaurants.

Product: Ceramic Chandeliers
Brand: Naaya Studio
Contact: [email protected]

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