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Trojena skyscraper an viewpoint

This week Neom unveiled a crystalline skyscraper

This week on Dezeen, Neom released renders of a supertall skyscraper and a viewpoint, both designed by UK studio Zaha Hadid Architects for the Trojena ski resort in Saudi Arabia.

The 330-metre-high skyscraper, which is named Discovery Tower, will stand on top of a mountain overlooking the central lake of the Trojena ski resort being developed in the northwest of Saudi Arabia as part of the Neom project.

It was designed by UK studio Zaha Hadid Architects, which has also designed a sinuous, mountaintop viewpoint for the resort.

Cyclists in green neighbourhood
Rishi Sunak commented on 15-minute-cities

In the UK, prime minister Rishi Sunak entered the 15-minute-city debate by saying councils will be banned from implementing the concept as part of the government's wider aim to slam the brakes on "anti-car measures".

In response to Sunak's plans, the concept's creator, urbanist Carlos Moreno, told Dezeen that the ban was "baffling" and called on the UK prime minister to rethink his stance.

Inside the Sphere
The first images were revealed from inside the MSG Sphere

In other architecture news, the first images were revealed from inside the MSG Sphere Las Vegas, which opened its doors with a concert by U2 featuring visuals by Es Devlin and John Gerrard.

The visuals were shown on a 15,000-square-metre wrap-around screen within the world's largest spherical structure.

Aura by Pablo Valbuena at St Paul's Cathedral during LDF 2023
Max Fraser reviewed London Design Festival

Following London Design Festival, Dezeen editorial director Max Fraser reflected on the event, which was touted as a full revival of the UK's biggest design festival post-Covid.

"This year's LDF generally felt energetic and optimistic," said Fraser.

Toogood's creative director Jan Rose
We interviewed Toogood's creative director Jan Rose

We also continued our Dezeen Jobs: How We Recruit series with an interview with design studio Toogood's creative director Jan Rose.

"As a studio we are still looking for people who are able to work hands-on," he said. "That is something we have had to specifically point out, as the design world has shifted with increased digital work."

The Inside Home by Olgoo
A subterranean holiday home near Tehran was one of this week's most popular projects

Popular projects this week included a blocky extension added to a Berlin bungalowa subterranean holiday home near Tehran designed to critique overdevelopment in Iran and Stanton Williams's UCL East building in London.

Our latest lookbooks featured airy and pared-back loft conversions and kitchen islands that have sleek waterfall edges.

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