Brown Formica in kitchen

2024 Living Impressions surface collection by Formica Corporation

Dezeen Showroom: design brand Formica Corporation has released a range of surfaces that mimic the appearance of various types of stone.

The 2024 Living Impressions surface collection aims to provide an affordable alternative to natural stone in an easy-to-install format.

Light coloured Formica in kitchen
Taj Mahal has a bright, warm colour palette reminiscent of natural marble

There are 13 patterns available across two product lines, including grey and black Breccia Mojave, striated Jatoba Brown, cream-coloured Prosecco Quartzite, dark Sahara Noir and marble-informed Taj Mahal.

All surfaces are durable and low-maintenance, according to Formica, making them well-suited for use in kitchens and bathrooms, from cabinet fronts and backslashes to countertops and furniture applications.

Dark Formica in bathroom
Sahara Noir is characterised by a black background populated by grey and terracotta-coloured stripes

Users can choose between seven elevated large-scale 180fx stone patterns and six Formica Laminate patterns.

Product: 2024 Living Impressions Collection
Brand: Formica Corporation
Contact: [email protected]

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