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Frammento tiles by Marazzi

Frammento tiles by Marazzi

Dezeen Showroom: emulating the look of Venetian terrazzo, the Frammento tiles by Italian manufacturer Marazzi feature unique stone chip patterns designed with the help of AI.

The Frammento tiles take inspiration from Venetian seminato, an iconic type of terrazzo flooring made by mixing marble chips into cement or lime.

Frammento tiles by Marazzi
The Frammento tiles are inspired by Venetian terrazzo flooring

Here, Marazzi has used a new artificial intelligence system called DDGan – the Digital Design Generative Adversarial Network – to analyse the inspiration material and produce novel patterns in the same style.

The resulting designs feature colours and finishes not found in the traditional stone, but that maintain strong links to the original.

Frammento tiles by Marazzi
The flooring pattern is designed by AI

The Frammento collection comes in two varieties of chips: micro and macro. The micro designs feature chips of about five millimetres, clustered together for a tighter and more uniform appearance, while the macro designs have larger, more dispersed chips that contrast against the background material.

The tiles are available in three colours – Cotto, Azzurro and Verde – and three sizes. The product is anti-slip and suitable for commercial settings.

Product details:

Product: Frammento
Brand: Marazzi
Contact: [email protected]

Material: porcelain
Colours/finishes: Macro Cotto, Macro Azzurro, Macro Verde, Micro Cotto, Micro Azzurro, Micro Verde
Dimensions: 120 x 120 millimetres, 60 x 120 millimetres, 60 x 60 millimetres

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Frammento tiles by Marazzi
The flooring pattern is designed by AI
Frammento tiles by Marazzi