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Tamuna Gvaberidze

Dezeen Awards 2019 judge Tamuna Gvaberidze

Georgian architecture and design consultant Tamuna Gvaberidze is the founder of art gallery Window Project.

Window Project, an art gallery in Tbilisi, started displaying works within an empty window frame at the Shalikashvili Pantomime Theatre in 2013, with the intention of making the art free and accessible to the public.

Window Project has now shifted its focus to a more social context in the hope of creating a connection between the old and the new and engaging with Tbilisi’s Soviet past.

Since its opening, the gallery has exhibited the work of artists and designers, including Nao Tamura and Richard Hutten. A new exhibition space was opened within the gallery in 2018, where artists, curators and designers are invited to share and collaborate on their projects. Gvaberidze invites both international and local design professionals to encourage a varied and cross-cultural dialogue.

In 2018, Gvaberidze was named by Entrepreneur Magazine as one of Georgia’s top 50 successful entrepreneurs. She is currently collaborating with Italian architect Piero Lissoni on the Hilton Hotel Tbilisi.


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