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Carl Fredrik Svenstedt Architect

Shortlisted for Dezeen Awards 2020 architect of the year, Carl Fredrik Svenstedt Architect is an architecture firm based in Paris, France.

The studio practices architecture as an experimental craft, exploring space through materials in construction, notably solid, structural stone.

Its work explores meaningfully sustainable uses for new-found, timeless material, pushing the technical possibilities while privileging a complete architectural experience.

Through teamwork, the small office has managed to build relatively large projects, primarily wineries and houses. The architect's projects strive for the Vitruvian balance between stability, utility and beauty, to find a synthesis creating permanence, since stone lasts a long time, while provoking poetry, experience and emotion.

Carl Fredrik Svenstedt Architect tries to make better buildings, but remembers that its setting the stage for life.

Architect: Carl Fredrik Svenstedt Architect
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