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Nelly Ben Hayoun Studios

Shortlisted for Dezeen Awards 2020 designer of the year, Nelly Ben Hayoun Studios is a team of architects, graphic designers, textile designers and philosophers, founded by French of Armenian and Algerian descent, designer Nelly Ben Hayoun-Stépanian.

Nelly Ben Hayoun Studios creates experiences for you to become an astronaut in your living room while dark energy is being created in your kitchen sink and a volcano erupts on your couch.

The interdisciplinary design studio devises subversive events, experiences and feature-length films.The designers work on multimedia, highly ambitious projects to empower countercultures and communities by building platforms for them to challenge power structures, while also allowing for change and critical thinking through multi-faceted immersive experiences.

The team of architects, graphic designers, textile designers, philosophers and more are based in a train carriage on top of a nightclub.

Designer: Nelly Ben Hayoun Studios
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