Tanya Khanna

Dezeen Awards 2021 judge Tanya Khanna

Indian architect and curator Tanya Khanna is founder of Epistle, the first communications consultancy for architects and designers in South Asia.

Tanya Khanna began her design career in 2004 as an architectural journalist in India. After working and studying in the UK, she returned to India. There she set up Epistle, to make South Asian architecture and design more accessible to global audiences.

Epistle provides editorial, strategic communications, marketing, and PR services within the domains of art, architecture, design and allied disciplines.

Khanna has written for Indian and international media. She has also co-authored and editorially directed over a dozen architectural books and monographs.

Khanna is a GRIHA certified evaluator and has been part of various academic and professional design juries and events.



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