• dezeen-awards-2021-shortlisted-peach-hut

    Peach Hut by Atelier XI

    Peach Hut is a sculptural pavilion made of pink cast-in-place concrete, located on a field of blossoming peach trees in farmland.

  • dezeen-awards-2021-shortlisted-hill-country-wine-cave

    Hill Country Wine Cave by Clayton Korte

    Located at the eastern edge of the Texas Hill Country, this private wine cave is embedded into a north facing solid limestone hillside nearly disappearing into its surroundings.

  • dezeen-awards-2021-shortlisted-the-olive-houses

    The Olive Houses by Mar Plus Ask

    High in the Mountains of Mallorca overlooking the Mediterranean Sea stands two small off-grid houses on man-made stone terraces surrounded by millennial old olive trees. Here only the grassing sheep and the wind is heard. More

  • dezeen-awards-2021-shortlisted-

    Alive by The Living

    This project explores a new vision of probiotic buildings. It is a prototype for architecture that promotes human health by promoting diverse microbial communities through the calibration of light and air flow. More

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