Priyanka Sharma and Dushyant Bansal

dezeen awards 2022 judges Priyanka Sharma and Dushyant Bansal

Dushyant Bansal and Priyanka Sharma are the founders of design practice Studio Raw, which is based in the desert plains of western India..

Bansal and Sharma are both graduates from the Royal College of Art and their work reflects the deep concern for community, materiality and sustainability.

Studio Raw Material's works are designed through an investigative lens by examining the socio-economic forces that reimagine waste materials and redefine notions of value. Their design language is constantly evolving, pushing limits and merging design, architecture and the surrounding landscape.

Their portfolio includes a range of small edition furniture pieces, sculptural objects, material investigations and spaces. Selected works have been exhibited in Joints And Bones at The Aram- Gallery; and The Graduate(s) at Carpenters Workshop Gallery as the best of European talent selected by Lidwej Edelkoort and featured in the book Why Materials Matter by Seetal Solanki, published by Prestel.

A selection of their works have also been commissioned by fashion houses; Cartier, Christian Dior and Hermès. Most recently, they were selected as the Emerging design studio of the year category of Dezeen Awards 2021.

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