Sanjay and Sanchit Arora

Dezeen Awards 2022 judges Sanjay and Sanchit Arora

Father and son duo Sanjay and Sanchit Arora lead New Delhi-based architecture and interiors studio Renesā.

For 16 years, Renesā has attempted to coin its own ethos and language that translates into spaces in the form of experiential design and sensorial milieus. Sanjay Arora has over 35 years of experience and has led the studio since its inception in 2006.

The induction of soulfulness has helmed every initiative at the studio. The presence of a diverse and young team allows the projects to be analysed at a fundamental level, ensuring that every space is visualised from myriad versatile perspectives. Storytelling becomes an essential tangible extension of this process, hence paving the way forward in submission to the unconventional.

The relationship amidst the heading partners walks the line between collaborators, mentor-student, and comrades.

Renesā continues to centre its emphasis upon initiating a cultural shift in the way architecture and design are perceived. The studio strives in the direction of reappraising spatial classifications of spaces, unshackling itself from the limitations of the anticipated.

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