Zahira Asmal

Dezeen Awards 2022 judge Zahira Asmal

Zahira Asmal is an urbanist, entrepreneur and director of The City, a research, publishing and place-making agency she founded in 2010.

Zahira's work addresses inequality in South Africa and she has published three books that examine the socioeconomic, political, and cultural environments shaping the country's big cities. Her current project See brings together cities, institutions, activists, artists, designers, and other creatives to exchange ideas, debate and develop methodologies to bring about representational equity in the public life of cities.

In 2020, Zahira established Cultivate, a collective and company that celebrates, empowers and inspires a wine landscape that is made in the image of the people who live and work in South Africa.

Zahira served as an advisor to the Africa Architecture Awards in 2017 and African Crossroads in 2018. She is currently serving on the board of advisors for the International Archive of Women in Architecture.

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