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BD House
by Studio Arthur Casas

Photo by Fernando Guerra

Studio Arthur Casas has designed BD House in São Paulo, Brazil.

This project's starting point was the cobogó inserted in its facade at BD House in São Paulo. The facade, made of molded-in-place architectural concrete, has the window frames and the light fixtures embedded at the moment of concreting.

The three-dimensional format of the covering preserves the view of the house's interior and provides privacy for the residents – while the rebar wall with a hanging garden on the side of the lot was designed to support the growth of vegetation, creating a pleasant green divider between the street and the house.

The cobogó design, made by Arthur Casas, surrounds the residence as a mark of the potency of materiality in harmony with the project and its demands. The wood used in its structure meets the architectural concrete and together, they start the narrative of this house, where all its components interconnect and complement each other. The tone and texture of the ochre-pigmented concrete drive the melody of the interior finishes and coatings, creating a cognitive experience – a fundamental factor in Arthur Casas' work.

This project has been longlisted in the urban house category of Dezeen Awards 2022.

Designer: Studio Arthur Casas

Project: BD House

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