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Block House
by Studio Abroad and Material Cultures

Photo by Felix Koch

Studio Abroad and Material Cultures have designed Block House in Somerset, United Kingdom.

This project is a new timber framed structure that is inherently low-embodied carbon, using a natural material palette of locally sourced timber, hempcrete and wood-fibre insulation that sits on the site of a former Hermitage in an estate in Somerset.

Sheltered by mature beech trees, the building sits on simple flint foundations. Block House is a prototypical, experimental building which demonstrates that low-carbon construction is not only possible but can also create a beautiful place to live.

The timber was sourced from a local sawmill and supplier and the project proved to be the beginning of a positive dialogue with the local contractor and builders merchants around the positive benefits of working with natural materials in construction.

Additionally, the hempcrete blocks were sourced from the only British manufacturer, HG Matthews in Buckinghamshire, to produce the material in the United Kingdom. Hempcrete was unfamiliar to the main contractor, who by the conclusion of the project was proudly celebrating the building's sustainability.

This project has been longlisted in the sustainable building category of Dezeen Awards 2022.

Architect: Studio Abroad and Material Cultures

Project: Block House

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