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Cozmo Sofa
by Raw Edges

Cozmo by Cozmo Home
Tom Mannion

Cozmo has created a modular sofa design to allow for effortless interchangeability.

The innovative design by London-based studio Raw Edges allows for endless customisation with interchangeable sofa jackets that can be updated with ease to reimagine interiors and make bold fabric and colour choices.

The sofa is distinguished by its two-material signature look created by the contrasting fabrics of the sofa base and armrest with the interchangeable jacket fabric, as well as subtle details, including tapered backrests, folded armrests, and contrasting trim. The design maximises seat size and comfort while maintaining a small footprint suitable for more compact living spaces. For efficiency and convenience the sofa is delivered in compact boxes that can fit through any regular doorway, corridor, or lift.

Cozmo's first jacket collection is made up of a variety of fabrics and prints to provide more than 20 combinations. Going forward, Cozmo will collaborate with artists, designers, craftspeople on limited edition sofa jacket collections.

This project has been longlisted in the seating design category of Dezeen Awards 2022.

Designer: Raw Edges for Cozmo

Project: Cozmo Sofa

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