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by Sierra Boaz Cobb and Christine Lara Hoff

Photo by Photo Credit: Pujan Shakupa

Sierra Boaz Cobb and Christine Lara Hoff designed Crove in Berlin, Germany.

This project is a programmable wearable glove, 3D-printed out of biodegradable cornstarch. An open platform, Crove's programmable touch gestures are customisable to each user's specific needs and lifestyle.

With one touch, customers can seamlessly take a selfie on the go, change music while on a run, or send their location from a bike.

Crove was created out of a reaction to broken smartphone screens and industrial design at odds with ergonomics. As a glove, it challenges current tech trends by conforming to the body and enhancing mobility and maintenance through smart and intuitive design.

The Crove team includes: Sierra Boaz Cobb, Christine Lara Hoff, Massimiliano Bariola, Alicia Hinon, Rami Rihawi, Daniel Stauffer, Alex Gabriel, and Cecill Etheredge

This project has been longlisted in the wearable design category of Dezeen Awards 2022.

Designer: Sierra Boaz Cobb and Christine Lara Hoff

Project: Crove

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