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Myrto Restaurant
by Studio Wok Architetti Associati

Photo by Simone Bossi photographer

Studio Wok Architetti Associati has designed Myrto Restaurant in Sardinia, Italy.

This project is an opportunity to pay tribute to this region and tell its story, departing from the stereotypical idea of Sardinia. Myrto Restaurant stems directly from a careful reading of the landscape and its essence where architecture has become a tool for narration and dissemination.

The essence of Costa Smeralda lies in its landscape – the curving materiality of the granite is warmed by the sunlight and the reflections of the crystal-clear sea, interacting with the lush greens of the Mediterranean scrub.

The power of the wind erodes and carves out the granite formations, turning them into architectural structures that can be lived in.

"The interior space takes on the features of a cave with sinuous shapes and Sardinian earth tones that render the atmosphere homely and intimate and bring to mind an ancient idea of the Mediterranean," added Studio Wok Architetti Associati.

This project has been longlisted in the restaurant and bar interiors category of Dezeen Awards 2022.

Designer: Studio Wok Architetti Associati

Project: Myrto Restaurant

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