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Paper Lite
by Sebastian Ceolin

Paper Lite by Sebastian Ceolin
Sebastian Ceolin

Sebastian Ceolin has designed Paper Lite in New York City, United States.

This project is a two-part circular soccer shin guard system that features a recycled paper foam backing and a post-consumer plastic shell.

These two elements come together to create Paper Lite, a sustainable high-performance football product that outperforms all the other shin guards currently available.

The recycled paper foam backing features a protruding bump pattern that allows it to be secured to the shell without adhesives making it easy to recycle, compost, or biodegrade at the end of its life.

In addition, the post-consumer plastic shell can be reused, cleaned, and sent back for refurbishing and reselling.

This project has been longlisted in the sustainable design category of Dezeen Awards 2022.

Designer: Sebastian Ceolin

Project: Paper Lite

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