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Reflexions.4 Alcalá
by Estudi Antoni Arola

Reflexions.4 Alcalá by Estudi Antoni Arola
Carlos Pericás

Estudi Antoni Arola has created an ephemeral installation that plays with the relationship between a light source, the projection of its own reflection and the decomposition of colour.

Reflexions.4 Alcalá is a constantly evolving project which, depending on the context and the exhibition space, comes to life in a certain way and adapts to different realities, environments and cultures. It incorporates three 10-metre high projections generated by laser projectors directed onto gauze, allowing them to be observed from both sides of whichever monument the installation has been selected to sit within.

The proposal takes as its starting point the reflection of the laser decomposed into colours in deformed mirrors. These reflections are endowed with movement, with their own random life, to create a sensual environment with a cadence and tempo that envelops the spectator in a celebratory and magical way.

This project has been longlisted in the installation design category of Dezeen Awards 2022.

Designer: Estudi Antoni Arola

Project: Reflexions.4 Alcalá

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