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Restaurant of Metasequoia Grove
by GOA

Restaurant of Metasequoia Grove by GOA (Group of Architects)
ZHAO Yilong / GOA

GOA has created The Restaurant of Metasequoia Grove in China as testament to the beauty of its natural forest setting.

The project is located at the west end of Shanwan Village, set to be developed as the first phase of this local hospitality project in Suzhou.

It draws on the metasequoia forest onsite to produce modular geometric forms in the shape of a pyramidal frustum. Three different scales of modules mix and cluster together, tracing a new forest profile, while each roof module is topped by a skylight that allows for natural light to flood the space below.

The roof system is divided into three layers to further draw on the character of the forest: the outer layer is covered by customised perforated aluminium panel texturing as the layering crowns of metasequoia; the middle layer is covered by glass to introduce greater luminosity, and the inner layer is covered by grilled wood panels.

This project has been longlisted in the hospitality building category of Dezeen Awards 2022.

Designer: GOA

Project: Restaurant of Metasequoia Grove

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