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Skamlingsbanken Visitor Centre

Photo by Adam Mørk

CEBRA has designed the Skamlingsbanken Visitor Centre in Skamlingvejen, Denmark.

This project is an architectural portal to the surrounding ice age landscape and its history of democratic events in Denmark.

The Skamlingsbanken Visitor Centre is designed as an integrated, natural part of the undulating landscape. From the overall design to the finer details, visitors will experience an architecture that finds its origin in the heart of Skamlingsbanken's unique nature and history.

The intention for this space is that of a portal. It is not a destination itself, but rather part of an overall narrative, implied by CEBRA on "how we can build new while still protecting and respecting our nature."

Additional benefits of this unique design are its innovative underground structure which has the ability to even out temperature and minimise the need for artificial heating or cooling devices throughout the year.

This project has been longlisted in the cultural building category of Dezeen Awards 2022.

Designer: CEBRA

Project: Skamlingsbanken Visitor Centre

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