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Slavery and the Bank
by Praline

Photo by Design by Praline, Photography by Sara Esteves

Praline has designed the Slavery and the Bank exhibition at the Bank of England Museum in London, United Kingdom.

This project is a new exhibition in conjunction with the re-opening of the Bank of England Museum, conceptualised and designed by Praline.

Slavery and the Bank explores the history of transatlantic slavery through its connections with the Bank of England. The content draws on specialist research the Bank has recently commissioned into those historical links, covering the period from 1694 to 1888.

Central to the exhibition experience is a large bespoke hanging ring that suspends above the visitors' heads as they walk around the space where its form reflects the circular shape of the room, complementing the grand scale of the ceiling to create a multi-faceted device.

On the outside, visitors are reminded of the history of the slave trade; once they step inside the central platform they are presented with a delicately typeset composition of all 599 names of the enslaved people from the Granada Plantation.

This project has been longlisted in the exhibition design category of Dezeen Awards 2022.

Designer: Praline

Project: Slavery and the Bank

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