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TH House
by ODDO Architects

Photo by Hoang Le photography

ODDO Architects has designed TH House in Hai Ba Trung District, Vietnam.

This project is the concept of a narrow five-storey house to maximise the access of daylight and natural ventilation, planting greenery and spatial interconnection of all floors so that members of the family could communicate visually between floors.

Family traditional ties in Hanoi and Vietnam, in general, are extremely important – this aspect is reflected in the design of the house. Open living spaces and a glass facade, with the possibility of shielding in order to create privacy, simplify socialisation among the family members as well as with the neighbours.

The TH House faces every single problem endemic to urban living in Hanoi. The lack of space, ventilation, natural light and greenery, are all brought about by the high density of the city as a whole. This not only asphyxiates the city but also gradually strips it of its identity. The attitude of its residents also reflects this trend as people are separated by concrete walls and blank facades, and they become more and more distanced and uncaring of their neighbours – despite being, physically, only metres apart.

Without a suitable solution, all that will be left of Hanoi is a city devoid of a soul, despite its rich, vibrant culture and history.

This project has been longlisted in the urban house category of Dezeen Awards 2022.

Designer: Oddo Architects

Project: TH House

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