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by TômTex

TômTex - Building Sustainable Materials for the Future by TômTex
Uyen Tran

TômTex is a new bio-based material created from two key ingredients: seashell waste and mushrooms.

Designed as a cruelty-free and eco-friendly alternative to synthetic and animal leathers, TômTex is made from 100% bio-based ingredients and natural colours without tanning processes or backing fabrics.

In addition to using seashell waste and mushrooms as raw input materials, the production of TômTex consumes significantly less water, energy, and land use compared to the production of synthetic or animal leather.

TômTex products can be recycled at the end of life and are fully biodegradable in a natural environment.

This project has been longlisted in the sustainable design category of Dezeen Awards 2022.

Designer: TômTex

Project: TômTex

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