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Upcycling Pavillon Pilot Project at the Icarus Open Air Museum
by Barman Architects

Photo by ph Fabio Purgino

Barman Architects has designed the Upcycling Pavillon Pilot Project at the Icarus Open Air Museum in Ca' Lazzara, Italy.

This project is part of the MePart programme – aimed to give new life to temporary installations and structures produced by major cultural events through a network platform to promote the transition towards a circular economy in line with the European Green Deal.

Every year in the world, there are several temporary exhibitions related to the fields of art and architecture. MePart deals with reintroducing waste from the installations of temporary exhibitions that took place in the historic centre of Venice into urban regeneration programs aimed at improving the quality of the public space.

After the end of the Biennale where it was first exhibited, the installation that was originally intended for the landfill was recovered, dismantled, catalogued, and redesigned as the Upcycling Pavillion Pilot Project at the Icarus Open Air Museum.

Located close to the industrial area of Via Lazzara, the installation project aims to enhance the archaeological route of the Via Popillia – a Roman road that was, in the Roman era, the connection between the colony of Ariminum Ravenna and Aquileia.

This project has been longlisted in the rebirth project category of Dezeen Awards 2022.

Designer: Barman Architects

Project: Upcycling Pavillon Pilot Project at the Icarus Open Air Museum


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