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Wuhan Rescue + Home Stray Animal Adoption Project
by UAO Design

Photo by Yilong Zhao

UAO Design has designed the Wuhan Rescue and Home Stray Animal Adoption Project in Wuhan, China.

This project was intended to make use of limited public donations and create an environmentally-friendly stray animal adoption area for potential adopters and animals to enhance their bond – thus improving the success rate of adoption.

UAO defined the design theme of this small public welfare project as "Rescue + Home". The design conceptually promotes the basic adoption process of "arrival-meet-choose-sign-take photos-leave".

There are two key points in the process. The first is the "claimed revolving door" – through this revolving door, adopted puppies will find a warm and loving home.

The second key point is the "photo window sill", where adopters can get photographed with their puppies – reinforcing a sense of ritual and encourages prospective adopters to follow up with their animal of choice.

This project has been longlisted in the rebirth project category of Dezeen Awards 2022.

Designer: UAO Design

Project: Reconstruction design of Wuhan stray animal base adoption area

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